Privacy and Cookie Policy

Before you (‘You’ or ‘The User’) get engaged in our website,, it is highly suggested that you read our Privacy and Cookie policy (called together as ‘Privacy Policy’) very carefully. We (‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘The Company’) have noted down this new Privacy Policy to introduce You to the methods we deploy to gather, store, and process any anonymized data that is being collected on the website (‘Website’).

Our Website contains a lot of information and template about different gaming websites and the gaming industry as a whole. Occasionally, you might come across Facebook advertisements and Google links that can lead you to a third-party content (referred to as ‘Services’). These Services are not under the control of the Website and have their own terms and cookie and privacy policy Apple.

Therefore, before you plan to share your personal data like medical or security numbers or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) with those Services and corresponding URL, it is highly recommended that you read their privacy policies very carefully.

1.     Different types of information collected by us

Non-personal information

If you use our Services, it means that we might gather and handle different non-identifiable and un-identified sample and information (also called ‘Non-Personal Information’).

Some of the said information may be broadcast by the device you are using to access our website, like compiled usage data, different online and communication identifiers, IP address, as well as specific software and hardware data like your device’s operating system and browser, the language set on the device and the time period you are using to browse our website and make use of our free Services.

We might also collect information about what activities you are engaged in while browsing our Website so that we will be able to provide updates to the best of the Website’s capabilities.

2.     Cookie Policy

Our Website makes use of web cookies to differentiate between one User from another. We ensure you the ease of use of our Website’s design and its high performance by making use of these cookies.

A cookie is a generic computer file that is created and sent to the User’s device app every time the Website is being accessed. In simple terms, this cookie becomes a generator of the choices the User makes on the website, thereby making page browsing smoother and easier. By doing this, cookies help the User and the Services communicate and change for the better.

Here are some different types of cookies and their functions:

Session cookies

These cookies exist only while you are browsing the Website via any device like mobile phones. After you close the browser, these cookies disappear. Session cookies are important when it comes to the running of the Website and Services. Disabling them can lead to limited Website performances.

Persistent cookies

Unlike Session cookies, Persistent cookies are stored for a much longer time. The length of the time depends on the privacy policy apple you have set on the browser. By default, they are kept for about a year. Some different types of Persistent cookies are listed below:

  • Targeting cookies: These cookies create a list of links and page the person visits, thereby helping the Website increase its relevance to the User’s preferences.
  • Functionality cookies: These cookies will distinguish You from other users and save the choices you make on the Website. This helps us provide better Services to you.
  • Analytical/performance cookies: These cookies generate and collect anonymous information about all the visitors of the Website and analyze the behaviour of the User like the sections they visit. This helps structure the Website accordingly.

The continuous use of our Website and any other links within it is considered to be an automated acceptance of the use of these listed cookies and several other tracking technologies listed in the Privacy Policy Canada. It is also important to mention that cookies do not carry any personal data that can be used to reveal your identity.

It is also possible to disable cookies simply by altering the web browser’s setting. But if you do that, you might end up reducing the overall standard performance of our Website and all the available Services features.

3.     Third-party links

Our current Privacy Policy Canada workplace not only covers non-personal information and tracking technologies that are involved with our Website. Our employee list makes sure that it does not apply to data, cookies, or any tracking method that can be used by third-party websites to gain access via hyperlinks on our Website’s pages. We will not accept or agree with any liability regarding such third-parties since we have no control over their policies.

Additionally, we would also recommend that you read the privacy policy iPhone of any site where you have to submit data. Hence, all the risks related to accessing third-party websites are known and carried out voluntarily by the User.

Our Privacy Policy applies ONLY to our Website and does not cover any non-personal or likewise information that you choose to submit to any third-party or social website that You can access via our Website.

4.     Using your information

The data that is collected from a User can be used for any of the above conditions that have been mentioned in this Privacy Policy or for the following reasons:

  • To compile all the data from third-party service providers in a single unit and gain a bigger picture of the User’s needs;
  • To access how important are certain content is to the User;
  • To maintain the security and safety of our Website and data; and
  • To conduct analytics and research leading to an improvement in our Services.

Our collected data can also be used to respond to any statement or requests made by the government following applicable rules and regulations, or to meet the demands made by a legal entity, for example, like a court.

5.     Third-party service providers

Our Website might also share data with some trusted business and e-commerce partners via email and affiliates as a way of assisting them to carry forward their tasks like data processing for the overall betterment of the Website. These might also include diagnosing, analysing, and researching data and the performance of the Website.

All the information that is being shared with these third parties is handled in accordance with the security and privacy measures that are mentioned in this Privacy Policy iPhone and are applicable to the law.

6.     Other disclosures

There are also some other organizations that may have limited access to the data collected from our Website like advisors, auditors, prospective investors, buyers, etc. The data might also be shared with subsidiaries and affiliates wherever necessary for the smooth operation of our Services.

The data might also be shared if the Company is involved in a merger or buying an asset or selling a large part of the business.

7.     Information about us

If you have any questions regarding our Website or Services based in Ontario, 2019, you can contact us at The online and media protection of our Canadian customer is our only concern. You can download our app via iTunes.